6757 US Highway 98, Suite #101
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


6757 US Highway 98, Suite #101
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Interested in Eyeglasses?

Interested in Eyeglasses?

Interested In Eyeglasses?

If you are interested in eyeglasses in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area, then you are in the right place. At the O’Donnell Eye Institute, Dr. Lan O’Donnell and her team provide comprehensive eye care for the whole family, including offering a wide range of eyeglasses and over 100 varieties of designer frames for you to choose from. Your eyewear says more than you think.

Who Needs Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are one of the most familiar forms of eyewear available. They are used for a variety of reasons to help correct and support a patient’s vision or eyesight, usually due to refractive errors, including:

  • Nearsightedness – you struggle to see things that are far away clearly
  • Farsightedness – you struggle to see things that are nearby clearly
  • Astigmatism – you struggle to see things clearly due to an abnormally shaped lens or cornea
  • Presbyopia – your eye stops focusing correctly due to aging

These conditions are typically assessed and diagnosed based on the symptoms you are experiencing combined with the results of an eye exam. An eye exam is one the most basic forms of preventative eye care, and you should always make time for regular checkups for yourself and your family.

The symptoms that you should look out for that may indicate you need your eyes checked or need eyeglasses to include:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Hazy vision
  • Eye strain and squinting
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort using computer monitors or similar products

It is important to note that these symptoms are not always present, and you may experience sight difficulties in several ways. This is especially common in children when the expectation is that their eyesight should be almost perfect because eyeglasses are for the elderly. This is an incorrect assumption, and eye care should always be taken seriously, no matter the patient’s age.

Types of Eyeglasses

Dr. O’Donnell at O’Donnell Eye Institute, serving the residents of Santa Rosa Beach, FL needing eyeglasses and other types of eye care, would like to point out that not all glasses are made equally. There are several different types of eyeglasses. After a complete eye exam and additional testing where necessary, if you need eyeglasses, you will be given a unique prescription for eyeglasses that will most efficiently support your vision. Types of eyeglasses include:

  • Reading glasses – may be available without a prescription
  • Single-vision prescription lenses for either near or farsightedness, not both.
  • Multifocal prescription lenses are for when you experience more than one type of refractive error, such as near and farsightedness.

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If you need eyeglasses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, then allow Dr. O’Donnell and her team at the O’Donnell Eye Institute to assist. Call us today at (850) 622-4000.

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