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Is your vision a little blurry? It may be time for a new pair of eyeglasses. The best eyeglasses not only improve your vision but also enhance your appearance. Your Santa Rosa Beach, FL, optometrists, Drs. Lan O'Donnell and Heidi Gonzalez of O'Donnell Eye Institute, can help you find the perfect pair of frames for your face.

Form is just as important as function when you wear eyeglasses

Can you imagine Harry Potter with square, red eyeglasses? Harry just wouldn't be as appealing without those round frames. Whether you're a wizard, student or business professional, your glasses are more than just devices that help you see better. Eyeglasses are an important part of your appearance and impart style and personality.

Choosing the most attractive pair of frames for your face can be a little difficult. Luckily, you'll find plenty of choices when you visit your Santa Rosa Beach eye doctor. The staff can help you find a comfortable pair that flatters your facial contours and coloring.

After you select a pair of frames, you'll need to choose your eyeglass lenses. Although lenses used to be made with glass, manufacturers offer much lighter high-tech plastic options today. The type of lenses you can select may vary depending on your prescription and the style of frames you choose. Typical choices include:

  • Single Vision: These lenses feature one prescription throughout the entire surface of the lens. They can be used to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness and also make good reading glasses.
  • Bifocals and Trifocals: Bifocals and trifocals divide eyeglass lenses into two (bifocals) or three (trifocals) zones. The top half of bifocals provides clear distance vision, while the lower half allows you to read or see near objects clearly. Trifocals features three zones for distance, intermediate and near vision.
  • Progressive: Noticeable lines separate the zones in bifocals and trifocals, but not in progressive lenses. Each zone blends seamlessly into the next.
  • Photochromic: Do you constantly lose your sunglasses? Photochromic lenses may be the ideal choice for you. The lenses darken when you go outdoors and lighten when you return inside.

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