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By O’Donnell Eye Institute
November 03, 2021
Category: Vision Problems
Tags: Eyeglasses   Astigmatism  

Are you having vision issues and sometimes have to strain to see things at various distances? You may be dealing with astigmatism and should consult with an eye care professional about eyeglasses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Dr. Lan O’ Donnell and Dr. Heidi Gonzalez at the O’Donnell Eye Institute can help you with your eye care needs.

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is when the surface curvature of the eye's cornea or lens refracts light to more than one focal point on the eye. This disorder results from unequal curves in different parts of the cornea. As many as one out of three people in the United States deal with astigmatism. 

You may have astigmatism if your vision has become blurry or distorted at more than one distance. Uncorrected astigmatism may cause eyestrain, headaches, poor night vision, etc. However, astigmatism will not always affect your vision. 

If you want help correcting your astigmatism, a safe way to do so is by finding the right pair of eyeglasses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

What Kind of Glasses Should I Use For Astigmatism?

Look for eyeglasses that have a special cylindrical lens. This type of lens can help adjust how light passes through your cornea. Your eye doctor may prescribe single vision lenses for you. On the other hand, if you are over 40 years old, your doctor may give you bifocal glasses instead. 

When buying eyeglasses for astigmatism, try not to get caught up in just a cute pair of frames. Make sure you get the right prescription for your eye disorder. 

Astigmatism patients should also focus on the thickness of the lens when buying eyeglasses. You should get a high index or trivex lens if you have a high level of astigmatism. You should also look for an anti-reflective coating on your eyeglasses to protect your eyes from excessive glare.

If you are dealing with astigmatism in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, eyeglasses can be purchased after consulting with the professionals at the O’Donnell Eye Institute. Dr. O’Donnell and Dr. Gonzalez are experienced professionals that can help you with your eye-care needs. Call us at (850) 622-4000 for a consultation today.

By O’Donnell Eye Institute
August 13, 2021
Category: Vision Problems
Tags: Eyeglasses  

When it comes to getting prescription eyeglasses, our needs are different. Your optometrist, Dr. Lan O'Donnell, and Dr. Heidi Gonzalez of O'Donnell Eye Institute can get you the correct eyeglasses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, for your eye condition.

Eyeglasses That Correct Your Vision

Do you have trouble seeing near or far objects? Single vision eyeglass lenses can correct eye defects such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Eye defects such as presbyopia might require bifocal or progressive lenses.

Getting the correct lenses for your eye defects is essential if you want to see better. Your optometrist can help you diagnose your eye condition during your next appointment and get you the proper lenses to correct your vision.

Eyeglasses That Protect Your Eyes

Your doctor can customize your eyeglasses to give them special protective features. By adding a special coating to your eyeglass lens, your doctor can make them better suited for your lifestyle. For instance, you could get photochromic lenses that filter UV light and adapts to varying brightness levels. UV lenses filter UV light too and are great if you spend lots of time outdoors.

Blue light protection lenses help filter blue light from the sun and screens. It is a great feature to have if you spend lots of time in front of your computer screen. You could also get anti-glare lenses that protect your eyes from bright light.

Eyeglasses With Special Features

When it comes to choosing your eyeglasses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, you'll have to consider your lifestyle too. For instance, if you spend lots of time outdoors your optometrist can add special features to your eyeglasses that are compatible with your lifestyle.

Some special features can also help your eyeglasses last longer by preventing scratches and dust. Examples of special lenses include:

  • Water repellent lens
  • Anti-dust lens
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Anti-smudge lens
  • Anti-fog lens
  • High index lens

Eyeglass Frames

Getting the right frames is just as important as getting the right lens. Your eyeglass frames should be sturdy so that they last long. They should also suit your taste. Your optometrist offers you hundreds of designer eyeglass frames to choose from so that you get the eyeglasses that you love.

The right eyeglasses for your condition should be one that you like, correct your vision, and fit your lifestyle. Call (850) 622-4000 to schedule a consultation with your optometrist, Dr. O'Donnell, and Dr. Gonzalez of O'Donnell Eye Institute for your eyeglasses in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

By O’Donnell Eye Institute
November 25, 2020
Category: Vision Problems
Tags: Nearsighted   Farsighted  

Nearsighted vs. Farsighted

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are two of the most common vision problems in the U.S. If you are nearsighted, it means that you can see objects that are close but things that are farther away appear blurred. If you are farsighted, it means that you can see things in the distance clearly, but things that are close appear unfocused. Dr. Lan O’Donnell and Dr. Heidi Gonzalez are eye doctors at O’Donnell Eye Institute in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, where they provide glasses for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Nearsightedness Explained

Santa Rosa Beach residents who are nearsighted, or myopic, have difficulty seeing objects in the distance. For example, you will have no problem reading a newspaper but will find it hard to see your TV screen clearly. This condition is either due to the fact that your eyeball is longer than usual, or your eyes’ lenses are too curved, which makes it difficult for your retina to focus light.

Farsightedness Explained

Farsightedness, or hyperopia, occurs if your eyeball is too short or your eyes’ lenses are not curved sufficiently for the light to focus properly. This causes close vision to be blurred. This condition is less common than myopia and can be more difficult to detect in basic vision tests.

Changes in your Vision

Even if you have had perfect vision throughout your life, your vision may begin to change as you get older. This is not uncommon. Changes might take place when you reach your 40s or 60s. Fortunately, eye problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness are easily treatable with corrective lenses in glasses or contact lenses.

If you live in Santa Rosa Beach and you are having problems with your vision, call Dr. O’Donnell and Dr. Gonzalez at (850) 622-4000 to schedule an appointment for a vision test.